Can I book longer than 6 weeks?

No we shall have them set at 6 weeks each block.

Will the live sessions be recorded and posted on this site?

Live sessions will be saved and posted.

Do you offer meal plans?

A broad spec meal plan will be offered and daily meals will be added for you to rotate and choose from. Also all clients will be required to download MyFitnessPal to track calories

How do I lose fat but not lose my bum?

Fat will be lost from everywhere in the body the glutes focused exercises are done to build up the gluteal muscles.

How do I lose weight around my stomach only? It’s so hard to shift

It’s so hard to shift
Weight loss can not be localised it get taken from all around the body.

Do I have to log my sessions down or can I just freestyle them?

Sessions will be added daily on the page but feel free to log them down for yourself as well

Is the gym essential or will body weight and resistance bands do?

This programme has been put together to be done at home. So the gym will be not essential for this FatLoss challenge

Do you do virtual 1 to 1s?

Not at the moment but soon that will be added as an extra

Calorie intake??

A rough based daily calorie intake will be required of you to set on MyFitnessPal based on your height, current weight and age.

What’s the optimum time period to train?

HIIT session will be short and sharp no longer than 25 mins
Each session will finish with stretches
Body weight sessions no longer than 45 mins


HIIT workouts are designed to be time efficient. We live in a world where everyone is constantly busy with work. HIIT exercise are short and intense plus the after workout effect is you keep burning calories

I only want to lose stomach fat!

Fat loss can not be localised. It will come off from every part of the body.

How often do you train abs?

About 2/3 times a week

How many times per week for HIIT cardio?

3 times a week

How much weight should I use while exercising?

The exercise we will be doing will be designed to be weights free. If you choose to add the extra that’s up to you.

Why do I need to download the myfitnesspal app?

You need MyFitnessPal to keep track of your calories